Frequently Asked Questions 

What is your area coverage?

***Please note, due to COVID-19 some answers might be updated. Please refer to the COVID-19 updates tab. 

We are a newly formed business based in Collin County, and currently cover the Collin County area and adjacent surrounding cities. We are in the process of expanding and would love to be able to cover all of the Dallas/ Ft. Worth metroplex in the near future. We can travel outside our coverage area for customers having more than one bicycle repaired or $90 worth of services (includes labor only). Please call in advance if outside the Collin County area.

How do you keep your pricing competitive?

We do not have a brick and mortar store. We are a completely mobile concept and pass our overhead savings onto the consumer. Additionally, we order parts only when we need them and do not keep an overstock of unused inventory. We have the ability to order any part needed, however some parts might require a payment up front due to their cost. To keep our business model running, we require a minimum $50 purchase of services with each visit. This can be an onsite service fee added to a basic service (such as changing a flat tire). We recommend the basic tune up package as the best value to all of our customers who are considering using us. 

How do I pay?

We require payment in person on the day the service is being carried out. The technician will bill you onsite after the work is performed. We accept cash, all major credit card and merchant providers, as well as PayPal and iPay. Checks will be made out to Jonathan Guzman.

Where Do You Perform Your Services?

Services are performed from the comfort of your home. We also pick up, repair and deliver bicycles at a later date, depending on the type of service needed or the customer's schedule. All repairs that have to be picked up are done from our home office. We can work anywhere in your home you request, we only ask that it be an covered area sheltered from the elements during inclement weather or the hot Texas summer season. We will appreciate it in advance.

Manufacturer Warranty Questions

It is always a good idea to check your manufacturer and store warranty policy before inquiring about repair services. Some stores cover lifetime adjustments and have a one year or a lifetime return policy on their products. Most bicycle manufacturers have a lifetime warranty on their frames. Alterations to the bicycle such as removing frame decals or repainting the frame may void any existing warranties. Suspension manufacturers like Fox will allow you to mail the suspension fork to them to have it rebuilt under their warranty. Since we are not an authorized parts or bicycle dealer, we can not handle warranty issues or claims. We are happy to keep our customers informed if their issue is warranty related. 

Are all kinds of bicycles serviceable?

Bicycles that were not originally distributed or purchased at a authorized bicycle dealer (local bike shop) or that are not backed by a manufacturer warranty are prone to having defects from manufacturing and assembly. We highly recommend taking full advantage of the store's return policy if applicable. Some bicycles may come with problems directy from store purchase. Even a proper tune up may not eliminate all issues with these bicycles. 

In addition to the above listed, some bicycles in the higher end range come with proprietary technology that has to be taken to the authorized brand dealer of that bicycle when it breaks down. This includes some kinds of suspension systems for which there are no common replacements, bearings for proprietary headset diameters, press fit bottom brackets, dropper seat posts, some hydraulic disc systems, electronic shifting and any other electronic components built into the bicycle. We are in the process of servicing such technologies as the demand for it expands. At this time, however, we recommend issues of this nature be taken back to the original dealer where the bicycle was purchased. In many cases issues will be covered by the store's or manufacturer's warranty policy. 


The Schwinn Meridian Trike is not a guaranteed product. While we can provide assembly for this bike, we cannot guarantee that it will be free of manufacturer defects or future problems due to poor quality parts and product build. By booking an assembly on a Schwinn Meridian you understand our policy on this bicycle. This may also apply to other direct to consumer brands. Torker and Worksman branded tricycles are the only trikes that we can provide continual service and scheduled maintenance apart from assembly.

Refund Policy

All sales are final. Once payment is received, the work is considered completed and accepted by the customer. Customers have a 24 hour leniency period from the service date to perform test rides and request further service. In special situations a complementary follow up inspection may be scheduled if the customer requests it, however this does not include any further service, parts or labor on the bicycle. Bicycles will be repaired to the mechanic's best ability and mechanical knowledge. We pride ourselves on our expertise and years in the industry and there is little we can't fix. However, some things will need to be passed on to the manufacturer or shop of origin if we are not able to address it.

Hours of Operation

Hours of operation may vary depending on both client and business availability. We are a seasonal business. As such we are not open all year round, and close shop during the summer months for all residential business. Please make your appointments between October and May.

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