COVID-19 News and Updates

Dear Customers,


The following changes will be made to our business model according to maintaining CDC guidelines and in accordance with the increased demand for bicycle repair in the area. Starting June 1 we will no longer be working on-site at people's homes or places of residence. We will be doing a pick up and repair service only, operating in the Mckinney and Frisco areas only for the month of June and reassessing whether to expand to other cities starting July. For those who are unfamiliar with this new approach, we will give the following description. Payment and invoicing will be done electronically prior to the scheduled appointment. Our payment methods right now are Zelle and Square. Please wipe down the surface to your bicycle prior to pickup.


We will be disinfecting the bicycles on our end but are encouraging customers to wipe down any areas of contact as well to insure that there is no cross-contamination. We will be working on your bicycle in a shop space we have temporarily rented and delivering it to you once the bicycle is repaired. We are limited on service and parts at this time. We are running the same amount of time on receiving shipping items as you would be ordering the same item from home, so if your bicycle needs a new part installed, we will be making recommendations on where to source parts online.


We will only be offering two services at this time. One is a mid-level tune up package, which includes detailing of the bicycle, parts/cable adjustment, wheel truing/alignment, drivetrain lubrication and brake adjustment (does not include brake bleed on hydraulic systems). The other is a bicycle out of the box assembly. As our supply chain improves we plan to add some of the service options we had before. 

We will greet you with a mask on the day of our appointment, but with a warm smile underneath. We look forward to giving those who've we have missed a callback before re-opening to see if there is anything that we can do for you. Thanks again for your loyal support of our local business.

July 7-7-20 Update: We will be closed until July 24 as we re-evaluate staying open for the remaining summer season. This decision is based on the escalation of the COVID-19 situation in our local area.

July 7-20-20 Update: We have decided it is in our best interest to stay closed at this time. We are projecting a re-opening date for after the summer season, into the fall of this year.

-Johnny's Mobile Bicycle Repair